Computer Van Stand 
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vanstandstart.jpg (80617 bytes)
Starting stages just cut steel

vanstandweld.jpg (64520 bytes)
Welded up and ground welds
flat for smooth finish

vanstandprime.jpg (54719 bytes)
Welded together and primed

vanstandpaint.jpg (58033 bytes)
Flat Black Paint, still wet

vanstandboltinside.jpg (56879 bytes)
Bracket from side
3"x4" side and 3"x3" Back

vanstandboltin.jpg (57621 bytes)
Showing Mounting Bracket
from back 3/32" Steel

vanstandmounted.jpg (71473 bytes)
Computer and Stand

vanstandarm.jpg (57848 bytes)
Arm on Hold Stand

vanstandarm1.jpg (59234 bytes)
Showing Arm from Bottom

vanstandcomputer.jpg (59774 bytes)
Computer on stand


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