Pictures of  Equipment and my Shop  
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mainbench.jpg (52064 bytes)
Pictures of my Main
Shop Bench

woodrack.jpg (59785 bytes)
Wood Rack for
Holding Wood

routertable.jpg (50072 bytes)
My 3HP Dewalt
Router Table

drillpress.jpg (39197 bytes)
Jet Drill Press

bandsaw.jpg (83374 bytes)
My Small But Useable
Band Saw

dustcirculatorfront.jpg (39449 bytes)
Dust Circulator To
Keep the Air Clean

mitersawfront.jpg (40759 bytes)

Dewalt 14" Miter Saw

oscillatingsanderright.jpg (34724 bytes)
Ryobi Oscillating Sander

planner.jpg (39365 bytes)
Jet 15" Planner

sawdustcollector.jpg (67559 bytes)
Saw Dust Collector

scrollsawftont.jpg (87086 bytes)

16" Scroll Saw

tablesaw.jpg (51566 bytes)

Jet 10" Table Saw

toolholder.jpg (94270 bytes)
Homemade Rack To
Keep things at hand

beltsanderleft.jpg (47759 bytes)
Belt Sander with 
Homemade collector

Hegner Scrollsaw



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