Some of my different Projects I have made
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bassnofinish.jpg (30301 bytes)
Some Pictures of Bass
I built without Finish

radioside.jpg (28692 bytes)
A radio Charger Case

bank.jpg (26358 bytes)
Postal Door Banks

cdholder.jpg (24930 bytes)
CD Caddy Holder

 alarmdisplay1.jpg (36495 bytes)
Display for a Alarm
Control Unit

mailbox.jpg (30880 bytes)
Mailbox I made for
a good friend of mine

dashfront.jpg (29533 bytes)
A Dash Board Gauge Holder
For Some Old Cars

gumballstand.jpg (13364 bytes)
Some Gum Ball
Stands (unfinished)

plexiglasswindowframe.jpg (41110 bytes)
Plexiglass Window

pagerdemofront.jpg (33307 bytes)
This was a demo for a Pager Clip so People wouldn't ask what the clip was always for.

audiocab.jpg (28913 bytes)
Audio Unit with
Adjustable Racks

k40display.jpg (45463 bytes)
K-40 Antenna
Dispaly Unit

rvtable.jpg (30697 bytes)
Table Top Made to fit
Post in a RV

flowerstand.jpg (44006 bytes)
A Flower Stand I Made
For My Mom for a Plant

pinebank.jpg (27246 bytes)
Pine Postal Banks With
Nickle Doors and Top

printerstanda.jpg (24936 bytes)
Printer Stand
Made of #1 Pine 
No Finish

TV Stand made from old
Zenith TV Parts

Kitchen Floor Project

Kitchen Cabinet to Replace
Old Dishwasher


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