Some pictures of a door I made for a friend of mine
for his horse Trailer, you can see different stages

Click on picture to enlarge and see more pictures   

olddoorfront.jpg (28056 bytes)
Outside of door when
I got it

olddoorfront1.jpg (30068 bytes)
Another picture of how
the outside looked

olddoorback.jpg (39477 bytes)
Inside of door, You can
See all of the rust

olddoorback1.jpg (42981 bytes)
Inside of the door
before I remade it

 newdoorfront.jpg (42005 bytes)
Door after I made it
with the latch and hinges

newdoorback&me.jpg (40025 bytes)
Picture of inside of door with
X bracing for strength

newdoorback&me&dog.jpg (43576 bytes)
Picture of my dog and me
showing inside the door

trailer&door.jpg (51346 bytes)
Door as it looked on
trailer before the rest
of the trailer was redone

trailer&door1.jpg (49734 bytes)
Front shot of trailer with New
door installed.


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