These are just a few pictures of my van which is modified so I can drive it.
It is a 1999 Full size Chevy 2500 Series Van

Click Images Below to see large images in detail. Images may take some time to load.


  riconseatbasea.jpg (2742 bytes)  riconseatbaseaircontrollera.jpg (3195 bytes)  riconseatbasemotora.jpg (3573 bytes)  riconseatbasesidea.jpg (2835 bytes)

All Conversions to my van were done by the following company
If you need anything, give them a call and tell them you saw the Info
Off of my page and maybe they will give you a break on what you need.

Mobility Supercenter
7450 Midlothian Turnp;ike
North Chesterfield, VA 23225
804-231-7774 / 804-231-0177
800-231-7774 If you have an emergency, you may call 804-334-8566
(Ask for Dave Potter, Tell him Jeff Sent you from here)

Contact E-Mail:
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