Savage Truck for 2006 Season
Sold to Drew 05-18-2007

This is my same truck I raced in the 2004 on-road series
It was converted to off-road in 2005 and run at the Deforest track
And now it is back to be run in the 2006 on-road series, same stock Engine, with nothing
changed or done to it. It has had nothing but O'Donnell fuel run in it and is still clean.

I have gone through a few engines this year. Ran the old S-25 HPI engine, then went to a Collari .32
for about 2 or 3 races, and had a heat issue and cooked the engine, and now trying as cheap a engine
as I can find, which is a Force .32.

Below are some pics of it with a Stadium Style Crowd Pleaser Body for the 2006 year

(Click on pics to make larger)


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