A few things I like, more on the page.

I have a WIDE Variety of interests, my latest being R/C Racing
for the last few years. I mainly race on-road, in the Monster and
Stadium Truck classes, (gave the touring car classes up.
I was big into handcycles, and hope to get back into that one day.
 I have a page out here for those of you that might be interested in them,
 or would just like to learn more.
Other things I have played around with over the years are
 Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Ham Radio,
 Woodworking, Computers,  Stereo and Video.
I have recently gotten into the Digital Photo aspect and have
learned a lot in doing this. Also I hope to be adding many
More pictures to my pages that I think you might find of
interest in one way or another.  You can
another of my interests is computers, that is always fun
 since there is always something
new out and makes things 
not get boring. I also like just chatting

with people, so please feel free to drop me a note.
And some might be interested in my Handicap conversion on
my Van, of which you can find lower in this page.

Revised: December 16, 2008.

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