Below are some pictures I have of the XLT2000 Handcycle
This is a REALLY nice cycle, I upgraded to a Gold so I have my old
Cycle up for Sale, of which I have not ridden in the last 4 years.
Always maintained and upgraded with new parts (whether needed or not
to give me piece of mind when I was out riding.)

-It has NEW Tires, Rims, and Hubs, 11-32 cassette
-Leg Guard to keep your legs from hitting the front wheel
-Race Face Carbon Fiber reinforced Cranks with 46-34-24 Rings
-2" over (4" total) extended width Crank handles
-Bottle cage on the front for bottle
-It is setup up now with 9 degrees of rear camber and I have 15 Degree plugs to change it

(Click on the picture below to make larger)

Pictures of the cycle from different angles

Race Face Cranks with Carbon Reinforced Arms

Leg Guard to Keep Legs away from Tire

New Front Cassette showing Derailleur

Ultegra Brakes and Front Derailleur

New Tires, Wheel, Rims, and Hubs

15 Degree Camber Plugs

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