My Cycle

This will be a place for info on my own Cycle.
I will start from the first day I got the my cycle

It is a Invacare XLT 2000 in the Color True Blue.
It came standard with spoke wheels, 7"narrow back, 26" wheels.
You will be able to see as I add and change things over the years.

Pictures from my First Day with my new Cycle
July 20, 2001

Click pictures to see larger format.

Cycle in Box on handcart New Still in Box on Handcart Cycle brandnew still in boxIt got here all in one piece
Mom standing beside cycle in box
Mom Beside box showing size cycle right out of box with no rear wheelsNew, just out of Box

Rear wheels first installedFirst shot wheels installed shot of cycle all togetherAll together First shot
Frontend of cycle
Shot of Front Gear System Me first sitting on cycleFirst Sitting on Cycle
Making adjustments to fit me better
Making some adjustments Front shot of me on new cycleFront shot doing setup
First ride on cycle
First ride on cycle Dog sitting beside me in drivewayDog checking new cycle out

August 8, 2001
Taking a ride on HOT day
Starting my ride Front shot, less then a month old Coming at you
Getting drink after riding Taking a cool down break End of ride for the night high heat End of the evening ride

August 23, 2001
Showing 2" Extensions on Crank Handles
side shot with 2" crank extensions installed
side shot with extensions on cranks showing extensions from the back closeup of 2" extensioins I made

August 25, 2001
 Added length to the Brake and shifter "T" Bar
Showing extensions on "T" bar for shifters and brakes Cranks up showing longer "T" bar I welded up Closeup of longer "T" bar Rear shot showing longer "T" bar and 2" extended cranks side shot trying new extensions out more trials with extensions

October 28, 2001
Showing HED H3 Mags and CycleOps Fluid Trainer
TUFO Clincher-Tubular on front, Hutchinson Golds on rear
CycleOps Fluid Trainer 2 CycleOps Fluid Trainer 2 main unit Cycle from Side with HED H3 mags Cycle with HED H3 Mags 
Front wheel shot on Trainer
Rear wheels on home made riser blocks Cycle sitting on trainer Me on Trainer Me sitting on trainer in my shop 

June 22, 2002
Showing Workstand I made of PVC Pipe
Changed crank to Race Face Next LP with 24-34-46 Gears
PVC Stand from front PVC Stand from Front
PVC Stand from side
Showing Chainrings and crank arms Closeup of Chainrings Cranks, Bottom Bracket shot Showing main drivetrain on the cycle

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