Below are a few pages I hope you will find usefull when searching for information

Links to your Handcycle Needs
Information Pages
Paul's Handcycle Diary
Handcycle Friends

Challenge Cycling 

Hand Crank Racing Association 

United States Handcycling Page

Sports 'n Spokes

Handcycle Racing

Handcycling Times

Stricker Handbikes

Bicycle Tires and Tubes

Mike' Mega Bicycle List

Road Bike Reviews

Lone Star Handcycling

Dwayne Sanders

Yahoo! Handcyclists

Places To Buy

Care Medical

Armstrong Sports

Manufacture's Pages
New Halls Wheels
Invacare Top End

Eagle Sports Chairs

Quickie Sports Chairs

Freedom Ryder




Mobility Engineering

Intrepid Equipment

Parts Pages
Performance Bicycles

Nimble Wheels

CateEye Computers


Bell Helmets

Corima Wheels

Zipp Wheels and Products

Hed Wheels

Phil Wood Products

Tufo Tires

Park Tools

Sun Wheels


Some Areas to Ride
Northern VA Park Authority

Washington & Old Dominion Trail
Prince William Forest Park

Washington DC's Urban ATB Page

Area Bike Clubs, Rides, and Races
Bike Virginia

Atlantic Cycling
Bike Washington

Washington Area Bicycling Associtation

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I would like to thank the following people for helping me out so far with my adventures in the handcycle World

Andy Barker
Michel Bond
Ken Archer
Scott Pellett
Bob Hall
Paul Smith
Jimmy Green

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