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My Handcycles, This was sold early this year.

Click on the picture above to see MANY photos or click (GOLD CYCLE)

I bought the Top End Gold in late 2007
Seat width is 16" wide, fully adjustable, with taller back
Has travel frame, so you can tear it down easy for travel
Has the S Cranks, 200mm and are 26" wide
Color is the Midnite Blue
It has less then 10 total rides on it, as I was spending more time building it the way I wanted it.
I regret that I can not see any time this year to ride, and have had skin issues.
It has the following added to it.
-XTR Brakes/Shifters on the Grips, converted it to all shifting and braking without taking your hands off for full control (Full Cable Control)
-Ergo Grips with horns, with shifters/brakes mounted on them
-Dura-Ace Derailleur for the triple chain ring (Not the hand activated lever like stock)
-XTR Rear Derailleur for positive shifting and cuts down on weight and adds strength
-Custom made 6061 Aluminum bracket to hold front water bottle and holds Vetta Wireless  Cyclometer and can add a heart monitor or GPS or other devices
-2 Extra water bottle cages added to the rear behind seat, to keep hydrated.
Was looking in my photos and noticed I made a reinforced blank to go under the seat to keep
It from flexing and stiff for my cushion, (it can be taken out if you don't want such)
The tires and wheels were taken off it when I got it and the rears have no wear at all, front was put on a cycle I was going to use in trainer, but has no  wear on it after I put all the wheels back on it,  so tires and wheels are basically new.
Just wanted to add another note here, that all the shifters/brakes and such are on the grips,
so you DON'T ever have to take your hands off the grips, (I think this is
why a lot of people are having accidents, and getting hurt)
You are getting a UPDATED cycle that should make a great rider, or racer.
I am sure there is a lot I have left out, but will add as I think of them.
I will work with you on shipping cost if you are not local to me in Virginia.

I have decided NOT to Sale my XLT2000 at this time.
Pictures of my XLT 2000 can bee seen by clicking HERE

Welcome to the page.
 The page has done well in the last year or so since I have had it up.
Sorry I have not had much time to add things to the page.
I have been doing some R/C racing and it has
Been taking a lot of my time up.
But this year 2007, I hope to change this and add more to the page.

This page is for YOU the person that likes Handcycles
 This is for ANYONE, but thought this would help people to get to know 
others in the Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area who have an interest

Please sign the Guest Book to the Left, so People 
Can gain Knowledge about you and your Handcycle

I just wanted to make a note here that Scott at Bike-On has a
Great new Message Forum on his site. It can be found at the Following.

Bike-On Forum

On the Left you will find info and stories about races and
events as I find them, just click
Races and Results

New to the page is a place where you can get to know other
Handcyclist and about them and all they like in life. Go to the link to the left, or go to
Rider Personalities here.
I have just added Ken Archer

 Finally a place in the local VA.-D.C.-MD Area where we can ALL talk about anything you might like to talk about in Handcycles and won't get jumped by the person running it.

I am pretty open to anything here, from learning about your cycle, to a ride that you might want to get together with all. Just go to the following to get there.
The message board is down due to Idiots and SPAM
Hope to bring it up when I find a more secure way to enter
Messages, of which will slow things down, but get rid
of all the junk mail. It was just taking too long to clean it up.


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