Miller Diversion 165 Tig Welder and Cart I put together

I have been building a few things over the years with a Mig welder, but got
to a point I wanted to do some Aluminum and other things.

I had always wanted something with a hand torch on it, and this fit the ticket

It is only 165 amp, but for what I do this handles things ok.

Put the 4 PVC holders on the side to hold my filler rods and keep them dry.

I also added a bit longer power cord on it, as the stock was 5 1/2", just too short.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Few pics of the Miller Diversion 165 Tig Welder

The tubes I put on the cart of which was a cheap HF one to hold the filler rod

Few  Pictures of the Weldcraft 17 Torch, has on/off and variable adjustment on it

Few pics of my old (by today standards) Helmet. Does a pretty good job, it is a
Jackson Professional ECQ, with only two sensors, but is variable and does pretty good.
Never noticed how dirty it was until I took the pictures, but could have had some overspray on it
from painting a project.