Turkey Hill Classic 2002

The race as it was seen by Ken Archer (maybe as he looked back) as he won the race. It sounded as though this was a 
Pretty tough course, hope more will show up next year.

The race was the most challenging course I ever been on this side of the Mississippi.  I train hills mostly every day for around an hour and ten minutes, and this course nearly totally got the best of me.
I thought I was doomed after the first lap.  There were three laps and after the first lap, I  "wasn't sure" I could put two more in.  I won the race by ten minutes over Brent Combs who is an aspiring handcyclist from Colorado.  He was in a hot new CB1.  Ronnie Pullium took third - two minutes behind Brent.  Chris Bittinger completed the course in a heavy thick wheeled monster top end I believe .  I lapped him but he didn't give up.   Tom Habel a T-1 took the "one lap" option.  That course is not recommended for the novice ! I'm not sure a quad could complete one lap.  Just huge nasty steep grades one after the other and rough roads in places that took 2-3 miles per hour off your time.  18.6 miles and I challenge anyone to break 1 hour on the course. Albor and Schabort etc would be real close if not under. Time 1:07 with Brent at 1:17 and Ron at 1:19.  Anyway overall it was a good time less stressful compared to the Achillies marathon.  People were very friendly, and  extremely accommidating.  Great free ice cream, etc.