Achilles Marathon Held in Prospect Park, Brooklyn April 28, 2002

Below is a little info about the race From Ken Archer of Springfield VA

From: KARCHER235@A... 
Date: Mon Apr 29, 2002 5:02 pm
Subject: Re: handcyclists Achilles results

Held in Brooklyn 4/28. 26.2 miles 48 degrees heavy rain

More like a circus than a race. 8 laps, one moderate 3/4 mile hill and
they forced you to slow down on the downside for safety reasons.
There was a 6 inch to 12 inch lake in the road at one point for a few
yards. We had to play "dodge em" with people assisting others on the course. We
also had to slow down for chip timing on each lap on a downside. It took 90 percent
effort to just to get to the race start !
Don't expect to get a good time on this course or you will be disqualified !
There was a speed limit on the downside even though they didn't tell us what it was !! With
the NYC traffic , rain and cold it wasn't even a good time ! But I'm stubborn and bored enough
to do it again.

I stopped for the guy from Poland cause he thought he missed a turn and told him to follow
me. I figured he deserved the prize money more than me.
He did have more acceleration speed and that is what you need in this race because it
becomes very tactical.
Full results are posted for other divisions such as wheelchairs etc. at site.
Below is not Ken, just the only pic I could find from the race