Gone, but not forgotten, you are with us in each ride

Warren Strickland

Name:  Warren A. Strickland, Jr.
Age:  24
Location:  Grayson, La.
Disability:  Above the knee bilateral amputee
Job:  Currently a asst. football and head powerlifting coach at Caldwell Parish High School
Marital status:  Single sometimes but always looking (a big flirt)
Hobbies and interests:  Sports (any type) I also enjoy going out and partying which is one of my downfalls of training because I like
                                   to drink a few here and there and at the races  (as some know)  I'm real big into powerlifting, I'm certified as
                                   a judge, so, I mess around with that alot.
Music:  Country to heavy metal  (I like it all)
Party:  All the time
How I became disabled:  by birth
Physical Description:  black hair, blue eyes, athletic build, 5'9 with prosthesis on, short without them (LOL)  
Handcycling Accomplishments:
    8th or 9th at 2001 Wheel Aggressive Rocky Mountain Omnium (1st ever race)
    13th at 2001 RR National Championships in Elgin, IL.  20 total riders.  1:34:?? for 27 miles (2nd race)
    1st at 2001 Guts and Glory Duathalon in West Monroe, La.  26 miles in 1:35:34
    1st at 2002 Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans, La.  finished in 1:45:00   (terrible course, NOPD kept slowing me down cause
            of safety concerns.....would have finished in 1:30:00 or under)
    4th at 2002 Georgia Spring Omnium in Brooks, Ga. 
    9th at 2002 Lonestar Time Trial in Austin, Tx.  47:24 

Denver 2001

Lonestar Time Trial in Austin, Tx 2002

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