Ken Archer

This is a little about Ken Archer and the achievements he has accomplished over the years.
As you have seen in my race info, Ken is putting a lot of input in about races. 
New, Ken now has a Blog page and you can check it out by clicking anywhere on this line.

Picture of Ken's Latest Ride

Thought this was Ken's Latest Ride, but the Schmicking above is what he is riding now

This is Ken Training in the off Season

This was a picture I took of him showing me the new Frame. (sorry for being so dark)

Below are a few of the things he has competed in over the years. 

 This was Ken Back in 1991 working out when he used to compete in wheelchair racing.

This was a side ways wheelie during the Ultra Challenge Alaska
At the time he competed in this race it was 367 Miles 
This race has been shortened to 267 miles a few years back.

Here he was the Winner of the Kevin Levrone's Body Building Classic in 1996

Some of Ken's accomplishments
MS Mathematical Statistics Akron University -1980
MS Computer Science Bowie State University - 1989

1st - 1979 Boston Marathon Winner
1st - 1992 Alaska Midnite Sun

1st - 2001 Nick Katsounis Memorial Wheelchair Championship 10K Race
1st - May 4, 2002, Turkey Hill Classic 2002, Conestoga, PA 
1st - 2002 U.S. Marine Corp Marathon, Washington D.C.

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